Shifris sewage systems engineering and advising

Shifris sewage systems engineering and advising

Consulting and planning of water and sewage systems
since 1983

J.Shifris, Consulting Engineers began its operations in 1983. The office is located in Haifa and supplies consultation and design services for all water and sewage related systems.

Practice Areas

Water Supply Networks

  • Consultation for and Design of water pumping and water supply issues, liquid pumping and liquid supply issues.
  • Design of water supply networks for urban and rural areas, restoration of water supply networks.

water/liquid pumping and supply facilities

  • Design of water pools and water towers.
  • Consultation on diesel generators and their sub-systems including acquisition specifications, installment, operation, training, and periodical on-site inspections.
  • Automation&control,optimizing pumping systems for minimum energy consumption, inspection of vertical and horizontal pumps, conduction of on-site hydraulic pump efficiency testing and calibration of of pumps according to manufacturer recommended operation curves. adjusting pumps for optimized on-site performance through adjustment of impeller spacing.

Sewage Pumping Facilities

  • evaluation of water and sewage facilities for regional privatization.
  • Design of facility and system protection.
  • Design of sewage pumping facilities including civic, hydraulic, opto-mechanic and automation&control

About our Company

The office is headed by Eng. J.Shifris, who possesses in-depth and varied knowledge in the fields of water and liquid pumping and convection design, pump efficiency tests, automation&control, and design of water pumping and sewage pumping facilities.

Our Clients

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