Activity Profile

  • Consultation for and Design of water pumping and water supply issues, liquid pumping and liquid supply issues.
  • Design of water supply networks for urban and rural areas, restoration of water supply networks.
  • Design of water/liquid pumping and supply facilities.
  • Design of water pools and water towers.
  • Consultation on diesel generators and their sub-systems including acquisition specifications, installment, operation, training, and periodical on-site inspections.
  • Automation&control, optimizing pumping systems for minimum energy consumption, inspection of vertical and horizontal pumps, conduction of on-site hydraulic pump efficiency testing and calibration of of pumps according to manufacturer recommended operation curves. adjusting pumps for optimized on-site performance through adjustment of impeller spacing.
  • Conduction of surveys and feasibility calculations for water/liquid pumping projects. cost calculations for water/liquid pumping projects with accordance to different factors such as: required pumping energy, interest and wear, investment recovery, operation and maintenance costs, periodical repairs.
  • Overseeing of pump repair work in various factories.
  • Overseeing of pump installation in “MEKOROT” drills.
  • evaluation of water and sewage facilities for regional privatization.
  • Design of facility and system protection.
  • Design of sewage pumping facilities including civic, hydraulic, opto-mechanic and automation&control
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